MSI President Larry Cooley Appointed to Editorial Board of Public Administration Review

PAR JournalMSI’s Larry Cooley recently accepted an appointment to a three-year term on the Editorial Board of Public Administration Review, the flagship journal of the American Society for Public Administration. On the Board, he will bring his expertise in strategic management and public sector performance to evaluate and review manuscripts for the journal, as well as serve on committees.

Previously, he served as the Chairperson of the American Society of Public Administration’s (ASPA) Development Management Network for 15 years and received the National Award for Training Excellence for his work. In 2008, he was elected as a Fellow of the National Academy of Public Administration.

To learn more about PAR, visit their website or Twitter page.

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MSI Partnering with USAID to Promote Women’s Leadership

From a recent event on good governance, sponsored by USAID/Georgia and implemented by MSI.

Earlier this month, MSI facilitated a two-day workshop focusing on current programming and research on advancing women’s leadership in the public sphere. Topics such as violence against women in politics, building public awareness and support for women’s and youth leadership, more effective engagement with political parties, and building partnerships between academics and practitioners were discussed.

The event was held in partnership with the USAID Center of Excellence on Democracy, Human Rights and Governance (DRG).

Representatives from MSI, USAID and from Cambodia, Georgia, Kenya, Jordan, and Mexico were on hand to discuss ways forward on women’s leadership programs. These experts and academics reviewed USAID programing to strengthen women’s leadership in politics, and new program directions taken by organizations such as the National Democratic Institute, International Republican Institute and the InterParliamentary Union. DRG acting director, Caite Lott, chaired the productive and lively workshop.

Data collection is needed to better understand women’s leadership in top levels across the public sector. Members from USAID, two UN agencies, the State Department, and other international organizations shared results of the current efforts to collect this data.

Over 80 experts representing organizations such as the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA), the Global Fund for Women, Vital Voices, the Asia Foundation, and the World Bank contributed to discussions.  They gave valuable recommendations on increasing programs and research.

MSI has been actively engaged on women’s issues and projects for decades across a range of sectors including governance, health and education.

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Helping Senegalese Children to Learn in their Native Language

Minister of Education in Senegal

The Minister of Education speaks with press after the workshop.

MSI is working with educators in Senegal to ensure that children, who have been taught in French, are also able to learn in their native language.

Last month, we facilitated a workshop with the Senegalese Minister of Education, staff from the Ministry of National Education, and other curriculum and education personnel to finalize a scaling-up initiative to expand an innovative bilingual curriculum. The workshop helped identify issues that need to be addressed in fundraising, institutional adaptation, advocacy and awareness-raising.

French has been the dominant language in Senegal schools, but Senegalese citizens want their children to learn in their native language.

MSI experts provided an overview of our Scaling Up Framework to pinpoint the crucial elements needed to have a successful scaling-up plan. With our support and the backing of the Ministry of Education, the Senegalese NGO Associates in Research and Education for Development is taking the piloted bilingual curriculum to national scale.

“There is not a single country in the developed or emerging world that has used a foreign language as a language of instruction,” said Serigne Mbaye Thiam, the Minister of National Education.

Learn more about how we assist education projects to scale up.

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Development Tech Talk: Iraq and Its Future

MSI’s Andrew Griminger and Joseph Scheibel sat down to discuss the current situation in Iraq and the outlook for the future.

While recent headlines have painted a grim picture in Iraq, the government continues to function to meet the needs of its people.

They discuss why the international community should support the incoming government of PM Haider al Abadi and bolster Iraqi efforts to help the nation’s growing population of internally displaced persons. Ultimately, this help builds a stronger, more resilient government to offer its people.

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Middle East Policy Journal Highlights Successes in Iraqi Public Policy

green-cover-for-web (1)

Click the cover to see Joseph’s essay.

MSI’s Joseph Scheibel recently published the essay “Opportunities in Crisis: Iraq’s Steps toward Inclusion” in the fall issue of the Middle East Policy Journal. The timing of this article is significant as Iraq has retaken the headlines in recent months.

Read an excerpt from the journal here.

“It is an honor to be published in the Middle East Policy Journal (MEPJ) for a pair of reasons – first, MEPJ’s stature and influence in the field is unquestionable,” said Scheibel. “Second, development in Iraq as the subject at hand has been very close to me and to MSI since I started here five years ago.”

Even as the immediate outlook remains uncertain for Iraq, there are long-term considerations for development and inclusion within the Iraqi government. With USAID’s Tarabot and Tatweer projects, we have worked with three distinct Iraqi governments as they worked to improve and make progress amid countless domestic challenges.

“We’ve seen others governments emerge from these types of problems and slingshot forward, improving in areas like infrastructure, service delivery, or, as is discussed in the article, public policymaking,” said Scheibel. “The government in Iraq has continued to function throughout these latest challenges. Workers aren’t staying home, they are in their offices keeping the lights on and schools open, and the incoming leadership has certainly been saying the right things in terms of inclusion and development moving forward.”

Critical work is still being done in Iraq to strengthen their government and help their citizens. Important strides have been made in creating public policies to protect homeless orphans and decrease youth unemployment. This article shows some of the hard work that isn’t necessarily taking headlines but is necessary for a democracy to succeed.

Joseph worked as an advisor in Baghdad during our former public administration capacity building project Tatweer, as well as for our current Tarabot project. As a Technical Associate at MSI, he works now on capacity building projects in the Middle East.

Learn more about our Tarabot project that strengthens public administration, civil service and public policy.

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