Support to Anti-Corruption Champions in Ukraine

MSI is currently assisting the Government of Ukraine to empower government institutions to fight corruption and engage the public in anti-corruption efforts.

Ukraine remains among the most corrupt countries in Europe, as ranked by Transparency International. Both grand corruption and petty corruption are rampant for services such as education, healthcare, and law enforcement. A 2015 USAID-funded assessment (Changing Corrupt Behaviors Assessment) found three primary challenges facing anti-corruption reform efforts: endemic corruption, public skepticism regarding reforms, and high public expectations and waning patience.

Despite these challenges, USAID/Ukraine is funding the Support to Anti-Corruption Champion Institutions (SACCI) and selected MSI to implement it.

The program builds upon USAID’s past anti-corruption work and draws upon research that concludes that citizens are likely to change their behavior if they perceive serious efforts by government to reform structures and take down corrupt officials. The program promotes public engagement in combatting corruption and improves understanding among citizens about the costs of corruption to reduce tolerance for corruption as a norm in society.

The approach to anti-corruption undertaken by the program is multi-faceted, including building the capacity of government counterparts, increasing citizen participation, and training partners in using social audits and conducting public consultations to improve citizen oversight. We are also supporting national and local governments and civil society partners in developing effective anti-corruption messaging. Youth is a particular focus.

The SACCI Program builds upon MSI’s prior work in Ukraine since 1998 to reduce corruption in government, strengthen legal frameworks and policies, and promote active citizen engagement.