MSI Supports Afghan Oversight Office’s 3-Year Plan

In its first three months of operation, the MSI anti-corruption team in Afghanistan effectively channeled expert technical guidance to the Afghan government’s High Office of Oversight (HOO) to develop its 2011-2013 strategic plan.

The plan was formally signed and approved on Dec. 29. The HOO is the highest authority in Afghanistan’s government that coordinates and oversees anti-corruption policy and programs.

The HOO’s mandate was recently supplemented to include registering citizen complaints about corruption, conducting preliminary investigation of these complaints, referring valid corruption cases to the Attorney General’s Office for further investigation and prosecution, registering and verifying the financial asset declarations of high government officials, simplifying government administrative procedures that are particularly vulnerable to corrupt practices, providing expert assistance to other government departments to develop their own anticorruption action plans and monitoring their efforts, and promoting awareness about corruption and anti-corruption programs.

MSI’s efforts integrated international anti-corruption best practices with a participative process that included all HOO department heads. MSI engaged senior experts, including former Commissioner of the Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption, Bertrand DeSpeville, to review and contribute to the plan to ensure that it benefited from the best practitioner guidance.

A copy of the Strategic Plan is available by clicking here:
Anti-Corruption Strategic Plan.

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