Active Education Forums Increase Grades for One and All

Because of a hearing disorder, Manar Igder was getting F’s in school. As a 14 year-old student at Lissan Eddine Ibn El Khatib middle school in Morocco, she needed a hearing aid, but her parents could not afford it.

In December 2010, parents were invited to participate in a new exchange forum between parents, school officials and the Parent Teacher Association (PTA). When Manar’s mother told Manar’s story at the forum, the PTA mobilized its members. A private donor was found for the $700 hearing aid that Manar needed.

Manar’s grades have followed suit, rising from F’s to B’s. She is also creating new friendships with her peers that have helped her along the way.

Ninth graders in Morocco have improved their success rate of advancing to the next grade level from 28% last year to 72% today. Morocco’s quality of education improves with more active support for students and improved collaboration between the PTA and teachers.

The Lissan Eddine Ibn El Khatib school and its partner the Fès PTA Federation are one of 120 school communities supported by the USAID-funded, MSI-implemented SANAD project. SANAD partners work in close collaboration with Ministry of Education’s provincial level departments to strengthen individual PTAs through training, mentoring and organizational support.

The Lissan Eddin Ibn El Khatib PTA took part in the training activities organized by USAID/SANAD and benefitted from the small commodities grant that the project provides. Through technical support from the Fès PTA Federation, Lissan Eddin Ibn El Khatib PTA enrolled in a program delivered by local authorities to reinforce the capabilities of associations.

MSI’s SANAD project seeks to expand advocacy at the national and local levels for a variety of civil society organizations. The project continues through May 2012.

For more information on MSI’s SANAD work in Morocco, click here.

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