First Bureau of Public Policy Opens in Iraq

The Office of the President of the Republic inaugurated the first-ever Bureau of Public Policy in Iraq on October 17, 2011 with a ribbon cutting ceremony. Previously, Iraq failed to involve its citizens in public policy formation.  However, Iraq’s new Constitution codified the roles of various executive offices in this regard.

The Chairman of the Presidency Divan, Minister Naseer Al-Ani, officiated and was joined by USAID officials, the Divan’s senior officials and the team of the National Policy Management project known by its Arabic name, Tarabot. The project is funded by USAID and implemented by MSI.

USAID official Lisa Whitly stressed the importance of public policy development in Iraq as a tool for better governance at all levels.

The Bureau occupies a specially-built new wing exclusively accessible by the President of the Republic, demonstrating the importance and critical role of policy in Iraq’s governance.

The official opening of the Bureau fulfills Presidential Decree No. 129, which called for the establishment of the Bureau in the Presidency Divan for the purpose “of drafting public policies in various fields in accordance with the vision of the President to build and develop a prosperous Iraq consistent with the Constitution.”

USAID’s previous public administration support project, Tatweer, held numerous workshops on the process of public policy making, directly contributing to the creation of the Bureau.

Minister Naser Al-Ani recognized the contribution of USAID and its implementing partner MSI in local capacity building and thanked them for assistance with refurbishing the Bureau with books on public policy and IT equipment.

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