New Manual Promotes Tools for Russian Human Rights Organizations

Click to view the Manual from the Russia "I've Got Rights" page

MSI’s USAID-funded Russia “I’ve Got Rights” Project has just released a new, practical manual for non-governmental organizations (NGOs): Technologies for Human Rights Organizations. The manual describes the effectiveness of tools and techniques used by human rights organizations. It is based on the practical experience of human rights experts and seminars conducted under the “I’ve Got Rights” project in 2010 and 2011.

The program carefully selected authors who have real-life experience using these methods. The manual’s authors impart advice on building relationships with journalists, working with mass media and strengthening an NGO’s image as a way to build public trust and support. Chapters on fundraising, social networks and European Court of Human Rights break down how organizations can develop effective strategies to use these tools and help promote their causes.

“Of course, the authors’ goal is not to magically teach the reader how to use complicated technologies in Russia’s far from perfect conditions,” writes one of the authors, Pavel Chikov, Chairman of Agora Association. “The goal is to show what a long way the country’s civil rights leaders have gone in the past few years, what results may be achieved and by what means while working in a complicated environment.”

The text of the manual Technologies for Human Rights Organizations may be downloaded at the program’s website:

The “I’ve Got Rights” project in Russia is a four-year project funded by USAID that supports the conditions and political will to sustain human, social and civil rights.

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