MSI Receives Kudos from Ukrainian Minister of Justice

Ukraine’s Minister of Justice, Oleksander Lavrynovych, recently commended MSI on its successful promotion of legal and human rights in his country, through the USAID-funded Access to Justice and Legal Empowerment Project.

“We express our sincere gratitude for your charitable work and support in carrying out events and activities to further develop legal expertise among our citizens and enhance the awareness of individual human rights,” said Minister Lavrynovych.

The project aims to improve both public awareness of and access to legal rights through a combination of outreach efforts and trainings for lawyers, local NGOs and legal clinics, and governmental institutions including the Ministry of Justice.

The project has already released a televised public service announcement (PSA) to increase awareness of the right to health services, and is in the process of creating two more PSAs on property and employment rights. 110 organizations have received basic legal rights training from MSI technical staff, with partner organizations including 74 NGOs, 27 local law firms and 9 legal clinics. In this manner, both the individuals responsible for upholding and enforcing the rule of law and citizens themselves will feel more confident in engaging and acting upon their rights.

“Please allow us to pass on words of appreciation to MSI staff for putting into action educational and training activities …that were meant to build the professional capacity of experts from Ministry of Justice legal clinics,” said Minister Lavrovych.

The project will continue until April of 2014.

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