A Website Helps to Create Procurement Transparency in Iraq

This past spring, the Iraqi Ministry of Planning built the first procurement website of its kind for the Office of Government Public Contracts and Policy. At the click of a button, business partners can obtain documents that until recently required lengthy visits to the ministry’s building.

The business community can access information and updates on government policy on public contracts that were previously denied to them.

This breakthrough is a major step toward national development goals and addresses long-standing advice from advisors on MSI’s USAID-implemented Tarabot project. MSI’s experts assist the Ministry of Planning in reforming Iraq’s public procurement system.

“The webpage will enhance the relationship between contracting departments and directorates in the ministries and provinces with the Ministry of Planning,” says Director General of Government Public Contracts Dr. Imad Hamza Mohammed, “providing easy access to advice, regulations, updates, and standard bidding documents.”

The website posts online procurement regulations and standard bidding documents for all state contracts.

In collaboration with Tarabot, the procurement unit will help ensure the efficient use and application of the standard bidding documents in procurement implementation across all Iraqi ministries and provinces.

“This practical initiative demonstrates the Ministry’s firm commitment to introducing the principles of competitiveness, transparency, and accountability into the procurement process, and to put them into action, where it counts – in the marketplace,” said George Awwad, the Tarabot’s Manager of the Procurement Advisory Unit.

The website is a practical and inclusive step, promoting efficiency economy and fairness. It is also the beginnings of change of culture: a new willingness, and ability, to share information, knowledge and expertise.

Visit the website of the Office of Government Public Contracts and Policy (Note: It is in Arabic)

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