MSI Highlights Fight Against Philippines Corruption in New Video

In the Philippines, public clamor for accountability in government institutions regained momentum after President Aquino was elected on an anti-corruption platform, “Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap,” roughly translated as, “Down with corruption, because corruption is bringing our country down.” 

The MSI video documents the firm’s successes and best practices achieved in the Philippines over the past eight years in the areas of rule of law, budget monitoring and fighting corruption. The work included MSI and its Filipino partner organizations’ series of four USAID-funded projects in the Philippines to strengthen the rule of law and combat corruption.

“We have a type of culture in the Philippines that goes …‘Oh, that will do. That will do. Let Heaven take care of it.’ If and when.” said Gracia Pulido Tan, chairperson of the Commission on Audit, a group that MSI worked with.

To garner continued participation in the evolving fight against corruption, the current MSI Philippines Integrity Project hosted a week-long series of dialogues with both public- and private-sector participants.

Dialogues included a public session with the Presidential Commission for Good Governance, the Inter-agency Anti-Graft Coordinating Council, business leaders, civil society organizations and media experts.

The video captured the culminating event of the iPro project where MSI President Larry Cooley was invited to participate in a weeks-long series of events that brought together various stakeholders in the fight against corruption, including government agencies, civil society groups, students, the media and an open forum for citizen engagement.

To facilitate these dialogues, MSI flew in renowned anti-corruption expert and author Robert Klitgaard, and several of the sessions were attended by MSI President Larry Cooley.  The participants in each session jumped at the opportunity to absorb the experiences of Cooley and Klitgaard in promoting good governance.

One event that captured the enthusiasm and spirit of all parties involved was a student lecture presented by Cooley and Klitgaard.  Dean Antonio G.M. La Vina and the Ateneo School of Government hosted a lecture and Q&A session on February 24, 2012, on the subject of Implementing & Scaling Up Effective Governance Reforms.

“The truth is, I think this is a really unusual time in the Philippines,” Cooley said. “And you’re lucky to be living in it.”

You can watch a video describing MSI’s work in the Philippines on MSI’s YouTube Channel by clicking here.

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