MSI Joins in Anti-corruption Day Activities Around the World

The anti-corruption films on Garuda Indonesia in-flight entertainment.

Our projects around the world celebrated yesterday’s International Anti-corruption day by promoting awareness, bringing together different parties for a dialogue, and screening movies in the sky that we helped to produce!

We also sat down with our resident anti-corruption expert Dr. Bert Spector to talk about the origins of UN International Anti-Corruption Day and current trends in anti-corruption support. Listen to our International Anti-corruption Day podcast.

Three of our biggest anti-corruption projects from different regions commemorated the day in unique ways:

Indonesia Strengthening Integrity and Accountability Program 1 – Our Indonesia project’s anti-corruption films have received notable recognition from the government, newspapers, and now airplane travelers. In honor of International Anti-Corruption day, Garuda Indonesia made the films available as in-flight entertainment for December and January. The movie is expected to be available for more than 2 million passengers, based on statistics from the same period last year.

On the December 9, the project also held an inauguration of a blogging competition and screened an anti-corruption documentary movie on Metro TV. This project supports the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), which prepared many activities for the day, including music and art performances.

Assistance to Afghanistan Anti-corruption Authority– This USAID-funded project provided full support to the Afghan CSOs Coalition against Corruption’s event to celebrate on December 9. With more than 200 attendees, the event was a great success and was breaking news on four TV channels: ATN, RTA, Shamshad and VOA. US Ambassador Stephen McFarland also gave opening remarks. The speakers talked about transparency, accountability, security, the government’s anti-corruption strategy and policy, and the challenges faced by the Afghan people due to corruption. After the speeches, members of the Afghan Women’s Service and Education performed a dramatic play.

Serbia Judicial Reform and Government Accountability Project- Our USAID-funded project supported the Serbian Anti-Corruption Agency in holding a conference that reviewed lessons learned from helping build capacity for political finance oversight during the spring 2012 elections. Speakers included representatives of Parliament, the Government, the Agency, civil society, and MSI’s project. The conference identified concrete areas for further consideration or reform that our team will continue to work on with the anti-corruption agency.

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