Quiz Show Gives Youthful Buzz to Anti-Corruption in Afghanistan


Quiz show participants win prizes in Kabul

In front of a live audience of more than 900 high school and university students, youths participated in a quiz show designed to raise awareness on laws and institutions dedicated to anti-corruption. While many developed countries are accustomed to youth-focused quiz shows, this was a first for Afghanistan.

Supported by USAID and implemented by MSI, the Assistance to Afghanistan’s Anti-Corruption Authority project helps to produce these unique game shows on the country’s Afghan National Radio and Television Authority, RTA.

“The show was excellent [and had] with great messages,” said Abdul Jabar Azizyar, a RTA news presenter. “I did not know that there is a separate law on anti-corruption. Now I am looking for a copy of the law to enrich my knowledge on the issues relevant to corruption.”

The quiz shows were taped and aired in Kabul from the spring until fall of last year. The show was so successful that RTA signed on to replicate the show and broadcast them outside the Kabul district in ten provinces: Balkh, Kundoz, Badakhshan, Baghlan, Takhar, Parwan, Kapisa, Panjshir, Jowzjan and Samangan. The first provincial anti-corruption quiz competition on TV was taped in the Baghlan Province this past November.

The first youth participants were from Kabul University and high schools in Kabul. The unconventional format has created awareness for unknown rules and regulations already on the books in Afghanistan.

“I am happy that there is a department that helps citizens resolve their corruption-related issues. I did not know about it. I watched the show on Friday night. I will inform other friends as well,” said M. Amir, a resident of Paghman district of Kabul.

MSI’s experts also wrote the anti-corruption booklet that the quiz show uses for questions and answers. The book contains Afghan anti-corruption laws and the descriptions of the National Anti-corruption Strategy and the High Office of Oversight (HOO). After the booklet was revised this fall by MSI experts, RTA, Afghan CSOs’ Coalition against Corruption’s Resource Centre and HOO received more than a thousand  copies to use and distribute to their partners, organizations and Afghan citizens.

This Afghanistan anti-corruption project is helping Afghanistan’s High Office of Oversight and Anti-Corruption (HOO) become a strong and effective institution to lead, monitor and report on efforts to combat corruption within Afghan government institutions. The project also works hand-in-hand with civil society organizations, building their capacity to educate the public about corruption, helping them establish forceful coalitions, and advocating to keep the fight against corruption high on the government’s agenda.

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