Iraq Approves New National Development Plan

Tarabot photoMSI’s USAID-funded Tarabot project assisted the Government of Iraq in drafting the National Development Plan (NDP) for 2013-2017, which the Council of Ministers recently approved. The plan aims to promote economic growth while improving the lives of Iraqi citizens. The NDP reflects the strengthening of a civil service that was left severely depleted after decades of war and isolation.

The Ministry of Planning, with extensive support from Tarabot advisors, developed the NDP to fairly budget Iraq’s projected $700 billion revenues over the next five years. It will replace the current plan, which was developed with support from USAID’s previous project, Tatweer, which MSI also implemented.

Tarabot supports Iraq’s administrative development and civil service, from public policy to new governance methods. The project assists the government executive offices to establish effective units to formulate policy, communicate policy changes and consult effectively with ministerial, provincial and private stakeholders on the formulation of specific policies.

Tarabot’s experts on regulatory reform have streamlined and/or eliminated hundreds of ineffective and outdated laws, decrees, and regulations.

The project began in 2011, designed to assist the government with expertise, systems and know-how in high-level public administration. The project is built on three pillars: Civil Service Reform, National Policy Management and Administrative Decentralization.

The largest component of the project is Administrative Decentralization. This component is responsible for the NDP work. It also cooperates with the government to strengthen the nation’s service infrastructure and service delivery mechanisms while facilitating decentralization of administrative functions to lower levels of government.

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