Calculating the Impact of Afghanistan Development Projects

MSI’s USAID-funded Measuring Impact of Stabilization Initiatives (MISTI) project was designed to measure stabilization trends and impacts. MISTI Chief of Party John Roscoe sat down with us to talk about how we  collected and evaluated the data.

This complex project contributed to the larger body of knowledge on lessons learned from stabilization and are being used to help shape U.S. government and Afghan policy. Over 27 months, starting in 2013, a total of 190,264 individual interviews were completed in 5,093 different villages in 130 districts in 23 provinces of Afghanistan where stabilization programming was being implemented or considered.

“In order to measure stabilization we have to create rather complex indices,” says Roscoe. “They look at a range of different topics which work into stabilization, not just security, but we’re looking at things like quality of life, economic activity [and] resilience so this is probably the most comprehensive look at stabilization [in Afghanistan] that’s been attempted to date.”

Read more about our monitoring and evaluation project on Afghanistan stabilization projects.

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