MSIers Present at American Evaluation Conference

With more than 3,000 evaluators in attendance, the 27th American Evaluation Association featured three MSIers in sessions that reflected the impressive range of MSI’s evaluation work:

• As part of the session “Using Program Theory to Look Forward” MSIer Kate Fehlengberg spoke on how innovative solutions can be effectively scaled up and what assessment tools are needed. Molly Hageboeck contributed examples of MSI’s experience during the Q&A portion of this session.   Look through the presentation to learn more. Also, read and watch the video on our Scaling-Up Management Framework and Toolkit.

• At the “Managing Evaluation for Results: Quality and Utilization” session, Ms. Hageboeck discussed how MSI has set up quality checkpoints for managing evaluations to ensure high quality reports under M&E support projects for USAID missions in Uganda, Kenya, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Colombia. Learn more about managing evaluations from the presentation.  Or you can watch the presentation with slides embedded below:

• Ms. Hageboeck and Micah Frumkin highlighted MSI’s meta-evaluation results for USAID in the third session, “Evaluation Practice and Evaluation Quality at the USAID.” They described the extent to which USAID’s Evaluation Policy and related initiatives have influenced the quality of recent Agency evaluations. Interested in finding out more? View the presentation. Read the full report: “Evaluation Practice and Evaluation Quality at the USAID.”

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