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partnership-thumb_150x150In honor of Management Systems International’s many years working closely with USAID, this post features daily highlights of our many partners.  From government ministries, to civil society organizations and youth clubs, MSI’s work all shares something in common –  a commitment to empowering our partners.

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Day 22: Legal Documents for Displaced Sri Lankans

1Our partner, the Center for Human Rights (CHR) assists those displaced by the civil war with legal documents. So far, more than 8,000 Sri Lankans have managed to regain vital identification documents through the help of USAID’s SPICE project, which will ensure their re-entry into the civic life of society.  CHR is also working in collaboration with the Sri Lankan Department of Registration of Persons.

Check out the Facebook photo album.


Day 21: Partnering to Expand Access to Justice in Ukraine

пуха і партнериCheck out this Facebook photo album from the field.  In Ukraine, MSI’s Legal Empowerment Program (LEP) is building partnerships between and among civil society organizations, academic institutions, private businesses, and government agencies—unified by their commitment to ensure access to justice for all Ukrainians.  LEP has brought together student legal clinics and NGOs to form the Ukrainian Coalition for Legal Aid, representing a nationwide network of legal aid providers specializing in the spheres of property, labor, and healthcare law. Annually they represent more than 6,600 clients who otherwise could not have afforded an attorney.  As the networks solidify, LEP will facilitate advocacy campaigns, broadly involving stakeholders on the relevant policy issues in health, employment and property law.

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Day 20: Coffey Partnerships in the Asia Pacific Region


It’s only fitting that we include our Australian parent company Coffey in our partnership campaign.  Today’s post features a program funded by DFAT and managed by Coffey’s international development business – the Enterprise Challenge Fund.   The program provides grant funds to businesses in Asia and the Pacific to use innovative solutions to improve livelihoods and living standards in poorer communities.

ECF pdf coverFrom 2010 to 2013, the ECF reached more than 400,000 and benefited 78,154 people throughout the Asia Pacific region, by an estimated AUD $8.179 million in increased income.  This equates to 50 per cent of Australian Government funds spent on the program. By 2015, the full value of the program will have been converted into income for the poor.

Click the thumbnail of the PDF on the right to learn more about the ECF or read more on the Coffey website.

Also, click on the video thumbnails below to see how the ECF is supporting duck farmers in Fiji, businesses in Cambodia, and small hold farmers in Vanuatu:

ECF Duck farmer thumbnail    ECF Small holder farmers thumbnail ECF Duck farmer thumbnail2

Day 19: Iraqi Government Partners Launch Historic Social Safety Net

IRAQ Tarabot SSN w buttonIn Iraq, the USAID-funded Tatweer project and its follow on, the Tarabot project, have supported many direct partnerships with Iraqi Ministries.  Last week the Government of Iraq passed a historic benchmark with the completion and launch of the Social Safety Net system.  The system will distribute more than $500 million per year to more than one million Iraqis, including the most vulnerable populations of orphans, widows, and the disabled.  Click the video thumbnail to play the video overview of the Social Safety Net.

Read the whole story on our news section, and if you haven’t watched the video overview of the Tatweer project, click here!

Day 18: Promoting Awareness of Corruption in Indonesia and Serbia 

INDONESIA cartoon Episode 1 w play button

In honor of World Anti-corruption Day 2013, our projects brought together crucial players in achieving long-term change. In Indonesia, The Corruption Eradication Commission organized an Integrity Exhibition in downtown Jakarta. MSI’s USAID-funded project showcased progress in fighting corruption at the exhibit through a film festival and photo display. The three-day event was attended by 400 people, including senior ministers.

As part of the project’s Anti-Corruption Film Festival at the exhibit, dozens of Indonesian films were screened, including the popular cartoon, Sahabat Pemberani. Now you can check out the first episode with English subtitles here!  Read more about the exhibit on our website.

Day 17: STAR-Ghana Grantees

Our parent company Coffey and its partners run the STAR-Ghana program which aims to improve the transparency, accountability and responsiveness of the government, private sector and traditional leaders. This photo album features two of the project’s grantees – Ghana Community Radio Network and the Human Rights Advocacy Center.

One of the students displaying a poster on the school compou

The project worked with the Ghana Community Radio Network, which of 30 journalists and broadcasters, on how to best promote peaceful and issues-based elections on their radio stations across Ghana.

Political party representatives on one of the GCRN radio net

The Human Rights Advocacy Center in Ghana raises awareness of gender based violence in schools by producing flyers and posters and distributing information to students. The center also helped empower school children by giving them the skills to quickly identify signs of abuse.

The project is funded by the UK government, Danida, USAID and the European Union.  Read more about the project on the Coffey website and STAR-GHANA website.


2nd Reading ChampionshipSometimes finding the right staff can be a challenge. The KONEKTE project partners with the Government of Haiti’s Office of Management and Human Resources to recruit and place experts. Haiti’s National Reading Championship has benefited from one such recruit.

Our Senior Reading Specialist supports the Ministry of National Education and Professional Training’s National Reading Championship, which promotes reading to improve educational outcomes in Haiti. The specialist visited local communities to oversee the reading challenge and trained trainers to be able to oversee it. He also helped to bring the private sector in to participate, building better ties between public and private schools.

Enjoy a few photos shot at the National Reading Championship.

Day 15: BALADI CAP Overview by Dr. Fares El Zein – Building Capacity in Lebanese NGOs

Lebanon BALADI Cap - Fares El Zein w buttonToday we’d like to share a short video overview given by Chief of Party, Dr. Fares El Zein.  He describes MSI’s newest USAID-funded program in Lebanon, BALADI CAP.   Over the course of the 4-year project, 50 NGO partners will be selected to receive capacity building technical assistance and support,particularly in the areas of organizational development, financial management and monitoring and evaluation. After each NGO performs a self assessment and develops an action plan, the program staff will provide training and individual coaching and mentorship tailored to the goals of the organization.   The program complements USAID’s PACE and BALADI PLUS programs, also being implemented by MSI, by building the capacity of Lebanese NGOs and municipalities to become direct fund recipients in line with the goals of USAID Forward.

Day 14: Pakistan EGRA Project

1495178_10151894426533687_1920813438_oOn day 14 of our Partnership Campaign, we’d like to share with you a photo album from the recently completed baseline data collection using the Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA) in Pakistan to support the long-term measurement of improved reading skills as a direct result of the USAID/Pakistan Reading Project (PRP) and Sindh Reading Project (SRP). This baseline, which is the largest EGRA conducted to date anywhere in the world, is targeted 33,600 grade 3 and 5 students from 1,120 schools across Pakistan. The baseline will feed into a quasi-experimental evaluation that looks at all eight areas of Pakistan and three different languages.

Day 13: Partnerships for Effective Monitoring & Evaluation

MISTI shot with podcast icon

MSI’s USAID-funded Measuring Impact of Stabilization Initiatives (MISTI) project is designed to measure stabilization trends and impacts in Afghanistan. Today we’d like to share a Facebook photo album, a video and podcast, from this exciting  project. Despite a resilient anti-government insurgency in Afghanistan, MSI has built local partnerships that have allowed us to collect and validate primary survey data on local people’s perceptions of government. This complex project contributes to the larger body of knowledge on stabilization and our products are being used to help shape U.S. government and Afghan policy.

Check out the brief project overview video with MISTI Chief of Party John Roscoe or a podcast that goes into greater detail about the challenging environment, advanced research methodologies used, and how we work with local partners to successfully monitor and evaluate activities in remote and hard-to-reach regions of Afghanistan.

Day 12: Partners Celebrate World Anti-Corruption Day in Indonesia and Serbia

20131209_USAID-MSI-KPK HAKI day 1_CD3G7248 copyIn honor of World Anti-corruption Day 2013, we’d like to share a Facebook photo album featuring our partners engaged in World AC Day activities in Indonesia and Serbia. On December 9, 2013, the Indonesian Corruption Eradication Commission organized an Integrity Exhibition in downtown Jakarta. The three-day event kicked off with over 400 persons, including senior ministers, in attendance.

MSI’s USAID-funded SIAP 1 program participated in the Exhibition by showcasing its program achievements. Activities included full three days of film screenings as part of SIAP 1’s Anti-Corruption Film Festival(check out the photo album), which commenced on the same day. In addition, earlier this year, leaders from Serbian governmental agencies, civil society organizations, mass media and international organizations engaged in a lively discussion about Serbia’s anti-corruption strategy at a conference sponsored by the government’s independent Anti-Corruption Agency and USAID. We are proud of the work with our partners that have allowed us to implement large and complex anti-corruption programs worldwide.

Day 11: Partnerships to Empower Moroccan Citizens Through Literacy and Vocational Training

UntitledToday we’d like to share a Facebook photo album featuring some of the amazing people who participated in the Kifayate project in Morocco. Kifayate, or “skills” in Moroccan Arabic, was funded by the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and partnered with agencies and organizations such as the MCC’s Agency for Partnership and Progress, the Moroccan State Secretariat for Artisan Affairs, the Moroccan Dept. of Agriculture and Maritime Fisheries, UNESCO, private partnerships, and civil society groups. Training was given to 2,600 literacy trainers and 197 vocational trainers.

Day 10: Partnering with MSI

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 3.41.16 PMOn Day 10 of our Partnership Campaign we thought it would be appropriate to share one way that new partners around the world can find us. With many development projects requiring parts to be implemented by small businesses, now’s a better time than ever to join our list of partners.  Check out our partner intake form if you would like to register a business that we might potential partner with.  If you’d like to become one of our closest partners – the staff we work with on projects every day, check out our careers page.  And don’t forget to view the photo album of our recruitment team in action at the 2013 SID Job Fair.


Day 9: USAID/Ghana LOGODEP – Partnership with Ghana’s Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development

1Following a Presidential Directive in April 2013 for all districts in Ghana to name Streets and number houses within 18 months, MSI stepped up its partnership with Ghana’s Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, through its USAID-funded Local Governance and Decentralization Program (LOGODEP) to develop the ‘How to do Manual on Street Naming and Property Addressing’. This manual, which provides a step-by-step guide for proper naming and addressing of streets and properties, was officially launched in Wa on September 2 by the Deputy Minister of the MLGRD, Hon. Baba Jamal. Check out the photo album on Facebook!

Ghana LOGODEP street signs videoWant to see the results?  Check out this short video featuring one of the new street signs in Ghana!

Day 8: Indonesia Anti-Corruption Film Festival (ACFFest)


For Day 8 of our Focus on Partnership campaign we’d like to share a photo album featuring some talented and motivated partners being supported by the USAID Strengthening Integrity and Accountability Program(SIAP-1) – filmmakers who submitted over 170 films to this years ACFFest, being held between December 9-14, joining the fight against corruption in Indonesia. With over seven categories, including over 75 animated films and games, this years pack of competitors clearly rode the wave of success of the four anti-corruption films produced in 2011-2012. We hope to share the winning films shortly!

Day 7: Serbian Study Tour

IMG_7157In the spirit of partnership, MSI hosted a study tour with 12 financial officers from Serbia who came to tour and learn about the Government Accountability Office (GAO).  Read about their visit and watch a short video about it or click on the photo.

Day 6: USAID/Lebanon Promoting Active Citizen Engagement (PACE)

social Media 441Today, we’d like to share some of the local development partners we’ve been working with in Lebanon through the PACE program.  The program has been supporting the healthy growth of civil society groups in Lebanon and uses technology, like social media, to effectively engage and promote its goals.  Learn more about the project and how it’s using social media by checking out the photos from the @SocialMediasPACE social media fair held this past summer, listening to a podcast recorded with PACE Chief of Party, Hérve de Baillenx, and watching the short project overview video.

Day 5: Coffey/MSI Support of Syrian Civil Society Groups

MSI News - SyriaOn day 5 of our campaign we’d like to highlight some of our newest partners – the courageous Syrian civil society groups currently being supported through the work of MSI staff working with our parent company, Coffey.  Check out the video and see how we’re helping these groups use their voices for a better future.  Watch the short video featuring this work on Facebook or on the Coffey website.

 Day 4: USAID/Jamaica Community Empowerment and Transformation (COMET)

455_g1.tifOn Day 4 of our partnership campaign, we’d like to share a project that showed substantial results – the USAID-funded Jamaica COMET program.  The project worked in close partnership with Jamaica’s Community Safety and Security Branch (CSSB), specifically with the Jamaican Constabulary Force (JCF), to work towards improved community/police relations.  Check out the photo album on our Facebook page  or click on the video thumbnail to watch the documentary highlighting what has been hailed as a best-practice in community policing programs by World Bank and will hopefully be applied to future programs in the Caribbean Basin.


Click on the animation to see the Scaling-Up excerpt from the Jamaica COMET documentary.

Day 3: USAID/Zambia – Local Partners Capacity Building program

Today we’d like to share some of the partners featured in this interactive graphic that highlights the results of the recently completed Zambia LPCB program. We’re proud of the partnerships and progress we made, including our partnership with the prime and our partner in implementation – FHI360. Hope you enjoy the interactive graphic format – a tool we’ve been using more and more at MSI as a way to immerse yourself in project results.

Day 2: USAID/Indonesia SIAP-1

KPK Film 4 thumbnail with play buttonFor our Day 2 Post we’d like to share the four films that highlight corruption in Indonesia, produced by MSI in partnership with Transparency International and the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK). Written, directed and acted by locals, these films have received widespread acclaim and exposure, even appearing in international film festivals and Garuda Airline’s in-flight TV.  Watch on Facebook now!

 Day 1: USAID/Iraq Tarabot

Babil GO OpeningCheck out the Facebook photo album, link to our news stories highlighting results from our Iraq projects, and the many videos featuring our work and the work of our partners.

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