Larry Cooley Presents Hopes and Challenges for Building Democracies in USAID Priority Countries

HICD w larry

In late February, USAID hosted a launch event for the Human and Institutional Capacity Development Pro (HICDPro) contract, which strives to support both individuals and organizations in order to promote resilient democracies. The event brought together HICDPro award holders, which includes MSI, and started a dialogue on the best ways to have sustainable impact in USAID critical priority countries of Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and South Sudan.

MSI’s President Larry Cooley was a speaker at the event and talked about the challenges of capacity building and approaches to sustainable impact.  Click the image above to watch the video at the start of Larry’s talk.

“You’ve got to be diagnostic, you’ve got to look for root causes of things,” Cooley said about how to approach HICD. “You’ve got to figure out… what we can do to materially help in a sustainable way around these sorts of changes, not in the small, but at scale.”

HICDPro is helping USAID Missions to support local partner organizations to identify needs and improvement gaps related to HICD.

Read more about our HICDPro approach and team.

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