Local Partners Appear on Lebanon’s Future TV Show, “Inter-Views”

The Lebanon Promoting Active Citizen Engagement (PACE) project supports Lebanese civil society organizations so that they may act as catalysts for change in Lebanon and the region. The project focuses on the strategic use of traditional and online media to publicize citizen concerns. The team actively uses social media, including a Facebook page and Twitter account, to reach out to civil society, highlight the accomplishments of its partners, disseminate good practices, and encourage dialogue between NGOs. Civic actors are also trained and encouraged to utilize social media as a tool for citizen journalism, mobilization and advocacy.

Recently,  a prominent local TV journalist in Lebanon, Paula Yacoubian, had conducted media training to PACE grantees.  Paula was so impressed with the work that the grantees were doing that she asked if she could host a special episode of her weekly political talk show, “Inter-Views” to feature some of grantees.

Many of the grantees she selected were implementing projects that had a “green” theme or involved environmental issues, including those highlighted under PACE’s social entrepreneurs incubator project. These projects included the recycling of old bicycle tires into fashionable handbags and the making of stylish furniture out of abandoned tires and old gates by former convicts and drug addicts.  The grantees were joined by a woman who is leading the Green Party in Lebanon.

Filming of this special episode took place on Friday, June 13, 2014, in Beirut, and aired on Future TV on Thursday, June 18, 2014.

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