Syrian Civil Society Organizations Bring Knowledge Back Home

Between September 2013 and April 2014, Coffey provided intensive capacity building training and technical support to three civil society organizations (CSOs) and their local partners inside Syria.  The work was performed under the Building Syrian Civil Society project, funded by the Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO).

A cadre of MSI staffers led by technical director Hisham Jabi oversaw all aspects of technical capacity building, including three training workshops which focused on financial management, grants management, media & strategic communications, project management and conflict resolution.

This video incorporates footage captured by the CSOs and their local partners over the course of the project to highlight the impact of the project.

Click here to watch the Arabic version, or check out MSI’s SVP for Business Development, Andy Griminger, talking about the project in a short video.

We also developed and managed the project’s mentoring component, provided logistical support and coordination, and managed the grants for 30 small projects inside Syria. With our assistance, the CSOs developed grants applications for their initiatives.

The CSOs benefited from tailored workshops and continuous mentoring, which focused on building their internal capacity to serve as “hub” organizations that can efficiently implement service delivery projects within their communities.  The hub organizations also transferred the knowledge to smaller “spoke” organizations and communities throughout Syria.

Starting in January 2014, Coffey also disbursed grants to the three partner organizations to work with their local partners in implementing service delivery projects.

Each of the CSOs also received hands-on media training, allowing them to return to Syria and document their activities on the ground.

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