Devex Sits Down with President Larry Cooley to Talk Scaling Up

MSI President and Founder Larry Cooley was interviewed by Devex on the scalability of development projects. The entire article and 2 videos can be found here.  

As a whole, the international development community stresses innovation, and donors and agencies keep trying to find the best way to innovate. This can sometimes lead to “pilot [projects] to nowhere.”

So how can this be counteracted to create projects with scalability in mind?

Through our scaling up work funded by the MacArthur Foundation and Packard Foundation, we researched and have published a Scaling Up Management Framework. The Framework tries to address:

1) How can you assess the inherent scalability of a project?
2) If designing for scale, how do you make sure the project is designed with scale in mind?
3) If you inherit something that is scalable, how can you manage the scaling up process?

Read more about our Scaling Up Management Framework and Toolkit here.

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