MSI Wins Important Work in Lebanon to Stabilize Communities

Lebanon map

MSI recently launched a new project in Lebanon.

MSI was recently awarded a significant project in Lebanon to reduce tensions and build community among Lebanese and the Syrian refugees who have entered Lebanon as a result of the continuing civil war in Syria. This is MSI’s first win under the USAID/Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI) mechanism known as SWIFT. Through SWIFT, USAID is able to provide fast, short-term assistance to countries.

Partners rapidly deploy initial start-up teams to countries in order to set up offices, hire staff, develop, award and administer small grants, and implement other activities to meet critical short-term needs in political and/or post-conflict transitions.

Initial focus of the work will be in the north of Lebanon and in the Bekaa valley. The MSI team is in place in Beirut and has begun to develop the first grants under this new initiative.


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