USAID-Tarabot partners with Chevron to improve services to Iraq’s neediest citizens

A Celebration Marks the Opening in Dohuk

A Celebration Marks the Opening in Dohuk

In a landmark step forward for the way in which people access public services in Iraq, the nation’s first One-Stop Shop Service Center was opened recently in Dohuk on December 2nd. This particular center will address the long lines and complicated procedures that have previously impeded the dispersal of social benefits, making it easy for the country’s neediest citizens, including widows, disabled persons and orphans, to collect their modest cash stipends from the Kurdistan Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

The Dohuk One-Stop Shop was supported by  the MSI-implemented USAID/Tarabot project in collaboration with Chevron. Chevron is a significant donor supporting the initiative as part of its Iraq Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program.

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Chevron is a significant donor to the Tarabot project.

The opening sets a precedent for the One-Stop Shop model in Iraq, where interest is growing among key government entities. The event also marks the launch of the Tarabot-supported Social Safety Net system in the Kurdistan Region, which is now operational. It provides access to and oversight of social services. These integrated reforms mark a new era in the way citizens interface with their government.

The Tarabot project supports Iraq’s administrative development and civil service, from public policy to new governance methods.

Read more about the project here.

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