Scaling-Up Community of Practice Launched

IMG_0611On February 24 and 25, 2015, representatives from a broad range of donors, foundations, think tanks, and independent scaling-up experts gathered at MSI’s headquarters in Arlington, Virginia to exchange views on innovation and the scaling up of development impact.

The event was convened by MSI and R4D and sponsored by the World Bank, USAID, the Australian Government and the Rockefeller Foundation. In addition to the sponsoring organizations, it included representatives from DfID (UK), SIDA (Sweden), JICA (Japan), Grand Challenges (Canada), the Asian Development Bank, IFAD, the Latin American Development Bank, the Global Innovation Fund, MacArthur Foundation, MasterCard Foundation, Elma Foundation, the Brookings Institution, Duke University, World Vision, Technoserv, and Imago.

Concrete results of the meeting were a decision to formally establish a cross-sectoral Community of Practice and a set of associated working groups as a global platform for thought leadership and a professional networking related to “scaling for impact,” and selection of MSI and R4D to serve as co-conveners and secretariat for the Community of Practice.

Initial areas of attention for the Community of Practice include integrating scale considerations into donor organizations, more strategic use of public-private partnerships for scale, enhancing the role of monitoring and evaluation in scaling up, scaling up in fragile states, and scaling innovation.

Click here for additional information on MSI’s scaling up approach.

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