MSI Assists with USAID’s Practitioner’s Guide for Anticorruption Programming

usaid anticorruption guideMSI recently completed work on the Practitioner’s Guide for Anticorruption Programming, a major publication for USAID’s Center of Excellence on Democracy, Human Rights and Governance (DRG Center) to provide informed guidance to field missions. The goal was to offer practical programming and implementation advice based on actual experience, as well as systematic comparative research, rather than on single cases or anecdotes.

We compiled a brief two page summary of the Guide to detail its contents and main themes. The Guide’s recommendations are based on lessons learned from past anticorruption programming by USAID, other donors and host governments. Guidance is provided on the use of USAID’s Anticorruption Assessment, as well as on approaches to develop effective and targeted monitoring and evaluation indicators for anticorruption programs. The Guide also provides a framework for anticorruption programming in post-conflict countries.

USAID’s DRG Center contributes to social and economic progress and sustainable development by integrating democracy, human rights and governance goals across all development sectors such as global health, food security and climate change.

The full version of the Practitioner’s Guide for Anticorruption Programming can be found here. More information on MSI’s work with anticorruption can be found on our project page.

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