Understanding The Causes & Costs of Corruption in Vietnam

In an attempt to increase Vietnamese citizen’s understanding of the causes and costs of corruption, MSI/Coffey awarded research grants to Vietnamese think tanks and consulting groups. The grants were issued under the DFID Anti-Corruption Strategic Fund (ACSF) in Vietnam.

Vietnam-Anti-Corruption-Research-Symposium-370x298The research program showed evidence about the negative consequences of corruption for progress in Vietnam. However, the analysis by itself was insufficient to yield action, therefore several opportunities for disseminating the research effectively were produced. These opportunities promoted dialogues and debates within and among Government Agencies and civil society and helped increase the pressure for reform.

sixIn general, as a result of the ACSF program researchers have analyzed corruption and have developed an informal network of researchers that will continue to promote and keep active the study in this field.

The studies will be featured in a thematic issue of a major International peer-reviewed academic journal on corruption issues, Crime, Law and Social Change, in the May 2016 issue. The articles are available on the publisher’s website, or read more on Coffey.com.

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