International Anti-Corruption Day: United Against Corruption

December 9 each year is International Anti-Corruption Day, recognized in countries worldwide as a time to look back at progress made in fighting corruption and what still needs to be accomplished. For the past 20 years, MSI has supported governments, civil society groups, the mass media and business communities to plan and implement effective programs aimed at making governments more accountable to their publics and reducing fraud and abuse. Here are some of our recent accomplishments.

In Ukraine, MSI worked with the city administration of Kyiv and central government agencies to build the capacity of staff and the private sector capacity to use a new award-winning eProcurement system for public tenders nationwide. By some estimates, corruption has been reduced 25% to date as a result of this system.
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<< Listen to this interview with MSI’s Juhani Grossmann, in which he shares lessons learned from his work with Indonesia’s anticorruption commission that can offer insights for anticorruption agencies in other countries, especially in Ukraine.


In Serbia, Ukraine and Afghanistan, MSI has implemented its new corruption risk assessment approach to identify vulnerabilities in government practices and recommend fixes. Click on the photo to learn more about this corruption risk assessment tool.>>


Awarding night for Anti Corruption Film Festival 2013
MSI has closely supported the internationally recognized anti-corruption commission in Indonesia (KPK) as well as many other government accountability institutions and CSOs over the past six years, yielding many transparency improvements in government procedures and greater civic engagement.


A very popular anticorruption film festival implemented with MSI support has become a centerpiece for building citizen activism against fraud and abuse. Watch this YouTube playlist to see the winning films from the first Indonesian AC Film Festival >>


usaid anticorruption guideFor USAID, MSI conducted a practical analysis of hundreds of anti-corruption programs over the past decade to identify lessons learned and best practice.

<<  Click the image to learn more about MSI’s work on USAID’s Practitioners Guide for Anticorruption Programming and to download a copy of the Guide.


shutterstock_528702079-1Along with Vietnamese researchers and think tanks, MSI assessed the costs of corruption on social and economic development… and the development benefits of fighting corruption.

Click the image to learn more about the causes of corruption in Vietnam  >>


shutterstock_464487638In Sierra Leone, along with their Anti-Corruption Commission, MSI and our Coffey colleagues implemented a crowdsourced application and hotline for citizens to report on corrupt transactions to create awareness and energize government reactions to reduce targeted problems.

<<  Read the Economist article about our work putting technology to work to root out graft in Sierra Leone.


“BALADI CAP’s capacity building Program is a mirror of “Lebanese Transparency Association LTA” mission and vision. LTA aims at becoming a reference and a leading example to all other Lebanese civil society organizations in Transparency and Anti-Corruption. Under its ‘Capacity Building Component – CBC, BALADI CAP is currently supporting LTA in overhauling its financial, human resources and monitoring and evaluation procedures to allow the latter to regain its position as a leader in the Anti-Corruption campaign in Lebanon and as a model to a transparent and well governed Lebanese civil society organization. MSI’s USAID-funded Building Alliances for Local Advancement, Development and Investment – Capacity Building (BALADI CAP) project in Lebanon is taking the lead in advocating for improved accountability and transparency at the local and national governance levels through its creation of an issue-based Accountability and Good Governance Network.

Click the photo to learn more about the Anticorruption Advocacy Network in Lebanon  >>

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