Study Reveals How Organizations Can Improve Performance

MSI Technical Director, Suzanne Bond Hinsz, is helping USAID rethink its approach to capacity development and sustainable performance improvement. Ultimately, this could help USAID achieve greater results.

MSI recently completed a large-scale study, From Capacity Development to Sustainable Development, for the E3 Bureau. This study has implications for USAID management and staff, as well as for development practitioners and funders globally. This research revealed that small, low-cost changes in the way practitioners approach performance improvement can help them achieve far greater results.

Organizational development helps organizations, teams and individuals increase their impact and effectiveness, even in the face of unexpected challenges. It is a difficult task in the best of circumstances, made even harder for institutions working in complex environments. After two years of evidence-based research, the study uncovered 50 Promising Practices to create sustainable, long-lasting results.

Hinsz will present an overview of the study findings at the International Society for Performance Improvement conference in Montreal later this month with Jeff Shahan, Human and Institutional Development (HICD) Advisor at USAID. The presentation will make the linkages between sound organizational development practices and USAID’s HICD approach. To view a preview of their presentation, watch the video below.

To learn more, read this article highlighting the study findings.

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