Fighting Corruption on the Big Screen


Earlier this year, USAID’s CEGAH anti-corruption initiative worked alongside Indonesia’s Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) to launch an innovative film festival competition aimed at engaging more young people and creative professionals around issues of government accountability and transparency.

The launch included a five-city tour hosted by the BPK, featuring filmmaking workshops, screenings and interactive talk shows. In total, more than 1,400 students and filmmakers attended the events, and now have the opportunity to submit films, documentaries and public service announcements highlighting the importance of responsible state budget and asset management in Indonesia.

The festival’s organizers hope to use film as a medium to engage a younger and more diverse audience around anti-corruption issues often perceived as dry or inaccessible. At the competition’s launch event in Jakarta, USAID Indonesia’s Director of Democracy and Governance, Kevin McGrath, said, “This festival presents the opportunity for filmmakers, journalists, researchers, and other civil society actors to join the fight against corruption. With the addition of these communities, and by taking advantage of their creative talent, we hope to see films that appeal to a larger and more diverse audience with messaging about corruption.”

The film festival will come full circle, returning to Jakarta for Awards Night on August 29, 2017 as part of the commemoration of Indonesia’s Independence Day. The event will feature screenings of all of the winning films, which will go on to form part of a public awareness campaign around BPK’s future anti-corruption initiatives.

MSI is the prime implementer of the USAID-funded CEGAH program, which aims to reduce corruption in Indonesia by addressing its root causes and strengthening the community of accountability. In addition to our work in Indonesia, MSI also supports transparency and accountability programming in Liberia, Mali, Mexico, Sierra Leone, and Ukraine.

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