USAID Awards Afghanistan Anti-Corruption Contract to MSI

USAID has selected MSI for the five-year contract, Afghanistan’s Measure for Accountability and Transparency (AMANAT), to support the Afghan government’s efforts to reduce and prevent corruption in government public services.

The program will help the government identify vulnerabilities to corruption in the provision of public services and strengthen its capacity to proactively implement anti-corruption reforms. Additionally, it will strengthen civil society’s role in assessing the government’s efforts, keeping officials accountable to the public. This is particularly important, as the people of Afghanistan indicate a small increase in public confidence in the performance of the national government (from 49% in 2016 to 56% in 2017), while they also express that corruption is becoming even more of a major problem in their daily lives (from 61% in 2016 to 70% in 2017), according to the Asia Foundation’s latest national survey.

The U.S. and other foreign assistance donors see corruption as a major hurdle to the fair and effective delivery of public sector services, and is a foundational challenge to effective development aid across the board. “Especially in fragile environments like Afghanistan,” says MSI’s Bert Spector, “corruption that is felt by citizens in their everyday lives and left unchecked can have critical negative impacts on the country’s capacity to establish and sustain economic growth and sound democratic governance. Moreover, it threatens the country’s political stability and capacity to emerge from decades of conflict.”

MSI has a long history of implementing sensitive USAID and World Bank programs in Afghanistan and AMANAT is a follow-on to MSI’s successful USAID-funded Assistance for Afghanistan’s Anticorruption Authority (4A) project that ended in 2013.

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