Using Fun and Games to Fight Corruption

Corruption in Ukraine is one of the country’s most widespread challenges affecting almost every facet of society, from health care, to transportation to education. In 2017, USAID selected MSI to implement its Support to Anti-Corruption Champion Institutions (SACCI) Project to support the government in targeted interventions across local and national levels.

SACCI recently participated in USAID’s “Mistechko” public outreach event in the city of Kryvyi Rih to discuss corruption and anti-corruption tools with citizens in a series of lively activities. The event was attended by over 600 local citizens. SACCI, along with its partner, the EIDOS Center for Political Studies and Analysis, designed three activities for the event to engage attendees of different age groups.

“Anti-corruption Mini-Debates” were enjoyed by adults who competed for prizes. Participants received complex questions on anti-corruption and responded with three answers, while EIDO analysts commented with information to increase their understanding of the topic. Some questions focused on current medical reform and the High Court’s ability to tackle high-level corruption.

SACCI also designed a magnet puzzle, “Charge against Corruption,” to teach children about corruption in a fun manner.

Finally, an interactive survey was given on “Which spheres have you faced the most corruption in?”

These activities contribute to the project’s overall goal of raising citizen awareness of corruption and working with champion institutions across the government to address it effectively.

MSI intends to continue highlighting anti-corruption issues via citizen engagement by participating in forthcoming events in Mykolaiv and Kramatorsk in September 2018.

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