Advancing Scaling Up Youth Programming

MSI is leading the conversation on scaling up successful development approaches. Across sectors including healthcare, education, youth, agriculture, and justice, our widely used framework is supporting sustainable progress in fragile states and setting the standard on which future development projects can be measured and scaled.

Recently, two members of MSI’s staff had the chance to talk with USAID about using our framework to scale up Positive Youth Development (PYD) programs. Around the world, youth are facing challenges including unemployment, lack of access to education and health, and frustration with their inability to influence decision making.

Larry Cooley and Hisham Jabi

Larry Cooley and Hisham Jabi presented MSI’s Scaling Up Framework and its application to PYD. Hosted by the USAID Youth Team, the discussion was attended by USAID staff, partners and several government representatives.

MSI’s presentation focused on considerations for scaling up Positive Youth Development programs and provided strategies, including adapting scalability assessment checklists and implementing a real-time scaling lab.

“It is critical to consider scale at the early stages of designing PYD program,” noted USAID Youth Coordinator, Mike McCabe. “In Egypt, there are millions of unemployed people who need to be supported through large scale employment programs.”

Larry Cooley founded MSI in 1981 and currently serves as MSI’s President Emeritus. Hisham Jabi is a technical director in positive youth development, capacity building, workforce, program design and assessment in both the private and public sectors.

Click here for additional information on MSI’s scaling up approach.

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