Our participatory approach at MSI is guided by a set of core values and operational principles that serve as a foundation for each project, no matter the size, complexity or duration. For 30 years, we have partnered with local citizens and groups to make development more effective. MSI combines innovative methodologies with experience on a range of international development challenges.

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MSI’s tools range from anti-corruption prevention to performance management to providing support for institutional development and policy change.

Our tools, frameworks and methodologies have become industry standards in managing reforms for governments, NGOs and local communities.

The Scaling Up Framework has helped organizations scale up health project pilots in India, Mexico and Nigeria. Our Institutional Development Framework has been used in more than 50 countries to assist with institutional development in the private and public sectors.

Trainings & Courses
MSI is known in the international development field for our premier training services on a range of technical issues, including project management and design, results-based planning, conflict and fragility, and strategic communications.

We’ve trained thousands of professionals at USAID, the USDA, the State Department and within local, regional and national governments. Our trainings are tailored toward the adult learner and emphasize a train-the-trainer approach. READ MORE »