These principles are at the core of MSI’s development work:

Sustainable Results
Since our founding in 1981, MSI has achieved sustainable results, with a dedication to institutional development and local capacity that is built on stakeholder involvement from day one. Our signature work in Strategic Management and Performance Improvement or SMPI is based on this approach. Our Results-Based Management process has been used by USAID, USDA, OECD and the World Bank, among others. Our local capacity building tools are widely recognized for their effectiveness in engaging local communities and ensuring that projects succeed long after we are gone. READ MORE »

Knowledge and Learning
MSI highly values knowledge and learning and places them at the heart of our firm’s practice area work. Through MSI’s many evaluations and assessments, we have built a deep knowledge management repository, which contains hundreds of documents covering all of our work. MSI recognizes the importance of its experienced staff and conducts an annual learning retreat for all employees, as well as a series of seminars on a variety of development themes and best practices. READ MORE »

Gender considerations are crucial to achieving sustainable development results. MSI is a pioneer in supporting USAID, international donors and host country institutions to integrate gender analysis and empowerment in democracy and governance, basic education, global health, economic growth and results-based management. As a woman-owned company for 20 years before becoming part of Coffey International Development in 2008, MSI brings decades of experience and professional qualifications to its gender equality and empowerment work. READ MORE »

People and Partnerships
The quality of MSI’s work is founded upon and very much a reflection of its people and partners; we think of ourselves as a “professional collegium.” MSI’s senior management is comprised of employees. Since our founding in 1981, 75 percent of the work has been performed by a core group of 100 individuals. The original founder of the firm, Larry Cooley, remains at the helm of the firm and is actively engaged on a number of development projects. READ MORE »

Managing Change
Change is intrinsic to international development and organizational reform efforts. Effectively managing the change process is required if desired results are to be fully achieved. MSI understands this, and more importantly, how successful change management is undertaken. Our efforts on behalf of clients explicitly consider the desired change at every step of the process. READ MORE »