Progress towards more equal gender relations is crucial for achieving inclusive and sustainable development results. MSI integrates country and sector-specific gender analysis and women’s empowerment in numerous programs, including those focused on democracy and governance, basic education, economic growth and results-based management. A woman-owned company for 20 years and led at executive and senior levels by highly experienced women and men, gender equality is “wired” into our DNA.

Some highlights of our recent gender work include:

We produced seven high-quality, actionable research and evaluation reports on women’s leadership in the public sphere through the Women’s Leadership as a Route to Empowerment project, in partnership with experts at the USAID Center for Excellence in Democracy, Human Rights and Governance (DRG) and five USAID missions in Cambodia, Georgia, Jordan, Kenya and Mexico.

Our experts have produced insightful analyses of gender equality, social inclusion, and related country dynamics to inform USAID programming decisions in DRG and conflict assessments in transitioning and developing countries, including Kenya, Zimbabwe, Lebanon, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Well known for our Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning expertise, we support USAID and its implementing partners in seven countries (Pakistan, Afghanistan, Colombia, Jordan, Kenya, S. Sudan and Vietnam) to ensure that USAID programs in these challenging contexts achieve their intended impacts on gender equality and women’s empowerment.

In partnership with Encompass, we are also one of the holders of the Advancing Gender Equality for Women and Girls (ADVANTAGE) IDIQ. ADVANTAGE is five- year award to provide USAID Missions and their operating units with a range of technical services to promote gender equality and female empowerment.

To learn more about our gender work, view our Gender brochure.