Trainings & Courses

MSI is known in the international development field for our premier training services on a range of technical issues from project management and design, to results-based planning, to conflict and fragility to strategic communications. We’ve worked with literally thousands of individuals at USAID, the USDA, the State Department and within local, regional and national governments, tailoring course work and curriculum to the adult learner and executing train the trainer (TOT) courses.

The majority of our senior technical staff has extensive training experience, working closely with our clients to design and execute the training and to further ensure that adequate evaluation takes place to tailor future training approaches. A few of our offerings are highlighted below.

Entrepreneurship Development Program
MSI’s Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP) evolved from an ambitious five-year research project funded by USAID and overseen by the U.S. National Science Foundation. The project employed a research methodology to analyze the behaviors of distinguished entrepreneurs from different countries. MSI used this research to develop the EDP program, which consists of an Entrepreneurship Workshop and Entrepreneurship Development Program Installation.

The EDP experts have taught and installed the program for more than 15 years in seven languages to more than 300,000 participants in 14 countries. READ MORE »

Certificate Program in Evaluation
MSI offers an intensive course in project and program evaluation for non-governmental organizations (NGOs), local government officials, and foreign assistance program managers whose responsibilities include the monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness and impact of the activities and projects they finance.

Aimed at building basic skills and knowledge, the Certificate Program in Evaluation makes it ideal for individuals seeking to establish themselves as independent, professional program evaluators.

Logical Framework Training (Logframe)
For more than thirty years, MSI has been a proven leader in training government agencies and their partners on the use of logical framework training (Logframe). Logframe training remains a critical tool for identifying the key elements of project design. More than 3,000 professionals have been trained by MSI in Logframe, including individuals from bilateral and multilateral donors, large US Private Voluntary organizations, large and small host country NGOs and a host of government officials and project staff.

Check out this reprint of an article Larry Cooley authored for the “The Entrepreneurial Economy Review called “The Logical Framework: Program Design for Program Results.”


Strategic Communications
For the last several years, MSI has been the primary training provider to USAID for strategic communications, assisting field Mission with long-term strategic planning and providing a suite of courses, including social media, results-based planning, video production, audience targeting and crisis communications planning.

We have also provided communications training to senior personnel in Washington, D.C. on messaging and media preparation. We also developed the Agency’s premier strategic communications training manual.