MSI empowers its partners to promote robust, effective, efficient and transparent health care delivery, alongside other pillars of sustainable growth and development. We work at the intersection of where health care delivery either succeeds or becomes impeded by surrounding structural and societal factors.

Our contributions include strategic planning, management and policy implementation. Our extensive experience in anti-corruption, rule of law and economic growth also enables us to bring varied approaches to health systems strengthening in a holistic manner.

With Coffey International Development, our team has implemented long-term projects, analyses, evaluations and assessments in the health sector worldwide. Our combined capabilities during the last 30 years have reached 89 countries and all continents.

MSI assists clients to design, modify and convert policies into action. We have developed particular approaches for policy changes that are organizationally or politically difficult to implement and for situations where enhanced transparency and public participation are priorities.

For over a decade, MSI managed USAID’s Implementing Policy Change work and has developed numerous tools to assist government with challenging policy reforms.

Good governance, civil society involvement and corruption-free public health institutions build strong foundations for sustainable growth and development. The MSI Center for Governmental Integrity is recognized for its innovative work in combating corruption. Our Center has developed diagnostic assessments, public-private partnerships, a local government training package, sector-by-sector strategies, and indicators for performance measurement.

Our Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) approach assists clients to sharpen their focus and increase their use of data and information to improve performance. We have applied our M&E and assessment expertise to develop and implement plans for monitoring compliance with HIV/AIDS intervention requirements and U.S. policy and legislation regarding family planning programs.

MSI is a leader in Scaling Up, focusing its activities to create a sustainable institutional environment for significantly expanding programs and advancing the scaling up of promising health programs. We have worked to advance the scaling up of viable projects in maternal health, sexual and reproductive health and interventions targeted to reduce maternal mortality and morbidity associated with post-partum hemorrhage.