MSI, A Tetra Tech Company, has a long history of implementing sensitive USAID and World Bank programs in Afghanistan. Strengthening the government’s capacity to reduce fraud and abuse, building citizen’s voices to advocate for corruption reforms, supporting institutional reform to streamline and simplify the delivery of services, improving the rule of law, and monitoring and verifying the effectiveness of development programs – these are some of the themes of MSI’s work over the past decade in Afghanistan.

Click below to read the highlights of MSI’s accomplishments:

Afghanistan Government Recognizes USAID and MSI’s Anti-corruption and Foreign Affairs Work
Defending Citizens from Bribery in Afghanistan


Quiz Show Gives Youthful Buzz to Anti-Corruption in Afghanistan
Supporting Afghanistan’s High Office of Oversight and Anti-Corruption


MSI Supports Afghan Oversight Office’s 3-Year Plan
Anti-Corruption Programs Require Time to Reveal Impact2


MSI Joins in Anti-corruption Day Activities Around the World
MSI Anti-corruption Experts Present the Success of Citizen Advocate Offices to State


Creating a Stronger Diplomatic Agency in Afghanistan Through Institutional Reform
Working to Enhance the Skills of Afghan Diplomats


Restoring Afghanistan’s Informal Justice System
MSI’s Afghan Buildings Sustain Government and Community


MSI Evaluates Afghanistan’s Stabilization Efforts In Complex Environment
Calculating the Impact of Afghanistan Development Projects


Bringing Stringent M&E Standards to a Complex Afghan Environment