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With more than 30 years of experience working in some of the toughest environments in the world, MSI is uniquely positioned to assist our clients in addressing the challenges posed by COVID-19. We are developing and using new work tools and protocols to adapt our capabilities and services to support a more effective response by our clients and partners to the COVID crisis. We are also sharing our newly emerging best practices across multiple communities to facilitate rapid learning cycles in this constantly developing COVID context. See below for the information and resources that have been developed by staff across MSI's technical areas.

Scaling Up

MSI is a leader in supporting the scale-up of successful development interventions. We apply our research-based guidelines – the Scaling Up Management Framework and the Scaling Up Toolkit – in a variety of practice areas, including education. Learn more about our Scaling Up services here.

Developing Countries Can Respond to COVID-19 in Ways that are Swift, at Scale and Successful

In this post featured on Brookings' Future Development blog, MSI's President Emeritus and Senior Advisor Larry Cooley and Johannes F. Linn review innovative approaches that developing countries can employ to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic successfully and at scale.

Larry Cooley speaks at USAID's Global Innovations Week

Democracy, Governance and Conflict

Development gains are hard to achieve amidst conflict and fragility. In its aftermath, we promote democracy, peace and stability, creating, in turn, a tenable environment for sustainable development progress. Learn more about our democracy and governance and peace and stability services.

Surgical mask lays on top of 100 Euro notes

Are Illicit Economies Resurgent Due to COVID-19?

In this blog, MSI rule of law expert Phyllis Dininio reflects on the implications of COVID-19 for illicit economies and government complicity.

MSI Supports COVID-19 Response in the Middle East & North Africa

We are well-positioned to support the COVID-19 response across a range of services in the MENA region, including emergency preparedness and response, countering violent extremisms, civil society support and behavior change communications.


Men and women gather in outdoor market
Venezuelans wait in line at the Colombian border

Forces of Conflict and Prospects for Peace in the Midst of COVID-19

In this article, MSI Technical Director Jennifer Ulman explains how COVID-19 is impacting conflict and stability around the world, and what prospects for peace exist.

Now More Than Ever: Helping Women Facing Gender-Based Violence in Iraq

In this blog post, Chief of Party Sherizaan Minwalla shares how COVID-19 is affecting the response to gender-based violence (GBV) in Iraq.

Group of men and women participate in training exercise
Worker packs care packages

MSI Partners with USAID/OTI in Response to COVID-19

MSI is partnering with USAID's Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI) to help strengthen capacity in Armenia and Colombia in response to COVID-19.

Strategy, Evaluation and Analysis (SEA)

From providing performance monitoring services in non-permissive environments like Afghanistan, Yemen and South Sudan to assisting USAID with robust strategic planning, we help our clients have the data they need at their disposal and use it to make smart programming decisions. Learn more about our SEA services.

    Woman participates in virtual learning session on laptop

    Connecting People and Building Skills during the COVID-19 Pandemic

    The ability to learn and share information amid the pandemic is paramount, yet typical in-person methods for learning and training may not be feasible. Virtual learning will become the new normal amid government
    responses to episodic peaks in COVID-19 cases.

    Making Sense of COVID-19 Data

    The amount of available COVID-19 data can be completely overwhelming. Our SEA experts explain how to cut through the clutter.

    Two diagrams side-by-side show COVID-19 deaths by county
    Man reviews data on two laptops

    Data Due Diligence and COVID-19

    In this blog, MSI's Jacob Patterson-Stein reviews best practices for being a savvy data reviewer and consumer.

    Supporting Health Sector Response to COVID-19

    MSI's Danielle Burke and Susan Morawetz discuss the need for an evidence-based response as health systems around the world struggle to respond to COVID-19.


    Healthcare workers walking in a group
    Individuals review documents with laptops

    Adapting Research Approaches for COVID-19 Decision-Making

    MSI's Douglas Krieger explores adapting research approaches for difficult environments.

    Adapting Third Party Monitoring in the Context of COVID-19

    MSI SEA experts Ali Hayat, Tim Reilly and Gwynne Zodrow explain how we have adapted our third-party monitoring in response to COVID-19 and are implementing these practices in our projects.

    Individual writes on whiteboard while holding laptop

    Strategic Communications

    We work in partnership with governments and donors in numerous challenging environments to develop strategic approaches to communications and outreach. Learn more about our strategic communications services.

      MSI VP Ellen Yount speaks on panel

      This is Not a Drill: Communicating in the Wake of

      In this blog, MSI Vice President Ellen Yount shares her top tips for crisis communications.

      Leadership and Organizational Development

      Our experienced organizational development practitioners and trainers have worked with public- and private-sector clients, nonprofits, international organizations and foreign governments in more than 80 countries. We offer solutions customized to an organization’s unique context and environment. Learn more about our leadership and organizational development services here.

      Approaches to Virtual Learning for COVID-19 and Beyond

      MSI's John Haecker outlines our suite of innovative tools and approaches that provide cutting-edge virtual learning solutions.

      Individual uses laptop to video conference colleagues