Better Evaluations to Bring Stronger Projects and Results to USAID/Vietnam

With a planned budget of $344 million over the next five years, USAID/Vietnam’s mission is to support the country’s steady progress as a stable and inclusive partner to the U.S. The mission is focused on health, economic growth and global climate change programming.

MSI supports USAID to find the best way to measure performance and impact, identify lessons learned, and help it adapt to these findings for continued success.

Our Monitoring, Evaluation and Survey Services Project for USAID/Vietnam follows the USAID Forward principles of strengthening the Agency to improve results and evaluate projects for impact. These services assist in program design and learning across the portfolio.

The project provides technical expertise in performance evaluations, impact evaluations, progress monitoring services, opinion-based surveys and other evaluative studies.

Data gathered will help clarify which goals are being met and where opportunities for improvements exist, using a variety of methods to collect, analyze and visualize project designs.

The project will also support USAID and implementing partners during the program design and start-up phase to ensure that robust and effective performance monitoring systems are designed. Further, project staff will directly work with USAID technical managers to enhance their abilities to collect and analyze data for programming and learning purposes.

MSI is working with USAID in Ghana, Kenya, Colombia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Jordan and S. Sudan to help improve performance and overall decision-making by enhancing M&E activities.