Building Capacity Worldwide in Support of USAIDForward

Since 2008, the Capable Partner Program’s (CAP) goal has been to strengthen the organizational and technical capacity and sustainability of NGOs in developing countries, a key component of USAIDForward. With MSI help, CAP has provided capacity building services to over 60 NGOs in 26 countries that have received awards under the Development Grants Program (DGP).

The grants program was created by the U.S. Congress to broaden the number of organizations that USAID works with locally. CAP initially conducted regional workshops known as Detailed Implementation and Management Planning workshops in Ecuador, Ukraine, South Africa, Uganda and Senegal.  Complete workshop materials can be found at in English, Spanish, French, Russian and Portuguese.

CAP’s web portal ( provides resources and information for organizations and individuals around the world. It also provides a distance-learning module for training in MSI’s Institutional Development Framework (IDF), which enables local NGOs to build organizational capacity.

Since the program’s inception, MSI training and capacity building experts have managed the organization and implementation of an 18-month advocacy-training program, training the IDF to 17 NGOs and helping to facilitate the development of Institutional Improvement Plans within the participating organizations.

MSI has also helped to train monitoring and evaluation to representatives of the West Africa Network for Peace Building, a network of over 450 NGOs organized in national networks in 12 West African countries, using the IDF for organizational self-assessments. CAP designed and conducted regional workshops for the networks based off the top NGO needs.

MSI experts have also provided evaluation training in MSI’s Certificate Program in Evaluation for Action Against Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking of Children (ATSEC), a network of anti-trafficking NGOs from Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and India.  The participants produced evaluations of projects that were designed to combat the trafficking of women and children in South Asia.

Finally, MSI has worked with USAID Missions to combat human trafficking in Mexico, strengthen local NGOs in Liberia and build the organizational capacity of NGOs working on HIV/AIDS programs in Zambia.

The program is funded by USAID through a Leader with Associates Cooperative Agreement to FHI36, with MSI as its main partner.