Continuing a Strong Partnership with Indonesia

MSI is proud to have been selected by USAID/Indonesia to implement the five-year CEGAH Project (meaning “prevent” in Indonesia Bahasa).

Awarding night for Anti Corruption Film Festival 2013 Having served as USAID’s implementing partner for the Strengthening Integrity and Accountability Program (SIAP 1) over the past five years, MSI and its partners have a strong and proven track record of successes and appreciation of accountability in the Indonesian context.

Over the past decade, Indonesia has made important progress in addressing corruption. The courts’ abilities to gather and analyze data on corruption cases have been strengthened, national strategies to guide corruption prevention and enforcement efforts have been designed, the mandates and technical skills of key accountability institutions have been enhanced, and more government data for public review have been disclosed. As a result, more open and transparent government practices are emerging. As well, CSOs are recognizing that broader community engagement is needed to build their own constituencies, amplify citizens’ voice and involve citizenry in collective actions against corruption.

CEGAH will support the integration of anti-corruption initiatives across government agencies, build the capacity of government auditors and investigators to evaluate the effectiveness of flagship government programs (Education, Health, Forestry, Fisheries and Public Works), and work with CSOs and the media to fully utilize available government data. Overall, MSI’s efforts will promote opportunities to coordinate stakeholders to strengthen a Community of Accountability in Indonesia.



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