Evaluating Development Effectiveness in Colombia

USAID/Colombia needs credible, reliable, and independent evaluations of its development programming. The Mission’s development portfolio is focused on the transition out of conflict, economic prosperity and human rights.

It needs to determine which programs are succeeding or can be successful, as well as those have not had impact. Under the Colombia EVAL project, our team assesses these findings and informs the Mission with clear insight, helping to shape future programming decisions in Colombia. We are also contributing to USAID’s learning agenda.

We are providing technical and advisory services for evaluation activities at the Mission level, including assistance with the design and implementation of both quantitative and qualitative evaluation studies and assessments. We are also providing evaluation technical assistance for USAID/Colombia development programs.

These efforts will help to make informed program management decisions, shape the longer-term strategic direction of programs and decision-making within the Mission, and enable USAID/Colombia to comply with USAID’s Evaluation Policy.

Importantly, we are also working to support USAID’s learning agenda by completing evaluations that will help future programs understand the limitations and best practices in Colombian development projects. The evaluations will also assess the scalability and sustainability of some projects.

This is one of eight projects that MSI is currently implementing to provide robust monitoring and evaluation services and support to USAID. MSI is also implementing similar support projects in Ghana, Vietnam, Kenya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Jordan and South Sudan; and recently finalized its project in Ethiopia.

We help to build the capacity of locally-based evaluation teams to work in partnership with donors that find themselves in difficult operating environments. We help donors hire and train staff, as well as build parallel monitoring and evaluation (M&E) capacity, including initial SOW development, team recruitment, quality control, robust reporting and external communications.