Expanding Access To Justice in Ukraine

MSI implemented the Ukraine Access to Justice and Legal Empowerment Project (LEP). The four-year project was funded by USAID.

The LEP project strengthened the capacity of legal advocacy organizations to effectively represent the interests of citizens and building a nationwide network of organizations. These organizations provided legal services and worked toward national reform and promoted broader access to justice. It  also developed partnerships with the private sector to expand and enhance the impact of the project’s pro bono efforts.

LEP developed networks that built capacity, structure and alliances among student legal clinics, public advocacy NGOs, and pro bono initiatives of private law firms to promote efficiency and expand their reach to underserved segments of the population.

The advocacy networks focused on three areas of law: health care, including cases of access to quality care, addressing corruption among healthcare providers and malpractice; employment, including cases of workers’ rights, pension rights and safety regulations; and property, including rural and urban property rights and collective property privatization issues.

Integrating networks by organizational type, as well as substantive focus, allowed for better cross training, stronger alliances, and broader geographic reach. The advocacy networks also engaged interested businesses to build the strength of the alliance and improve sustainability.

In addition, the networks provided public consultations and legal representation, in addition to conducting public information campaigns on selected legal rights.

As the networks solidify, LEP will facilitate advocacy campaigns, broadly involving stakeholders on the relevant policy issues in health, employment and property law.

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