Building a Stronger Haitian Government through ‘Knowledge and Skills’ Program

After Haiti’s devastating earthquake in 2010, USAID recognized the need to fill gaps in governmental institutions.

USAID/Haiti responded with a program that partners the government of Haiti’s (GOH’s) Office of Management and Human Resources (OMRH) with local recruiting firm Centre de Formation et d’Encadrement Technique (CFET) and MSI to implement the Konesans e Konpetans Teknik, or “Knowledge and Skills,” program.

Since 2013, the project, known as KONEKTE has recruited and placed advisers in the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development, the OMRH, and the Unit of Housing Construction and Public Buildings. The program has contributed to recent achievements that include reforming Haiti’s tariff schedule and customs patrols; establishing an anti-corruption hotline for citizens to file complaints; and drafting two laws that establish a performance evaluation framework and a system to distribute education benefits to civil servants, encouraging talented individuals to pursue public service and rewarding high performers.

In addition, the program contributes to:

– Helping government institutions to inventory their equipment, a first step toward better managing their assets;

– Boosting educational initiatives for young children, such as the “Reading Caravan” that provides children with increased access to reading opportunities;

– Supporting official GOH communications about the Caracol Industrial Park in Northern Haiti; and

– Improving food security awareness nationwide by working with regional food security observatories that distribute bulletins on rainfall, market prices, and other food security-related information..

KONEKTE has also fostered inter-ministry collaboration under the OMRH, which is leading civil service reform efforts in Haiti. This includes a push for more fair, transparent and competitive recruitment practices for civil servants. The project’s recruitment team is working with OMRH staff to better manage these recruitment efforts for the GOH through on-the-job training and coaching.