Modernizing Public Spending in Iraq

IDMS – A web-based application that manages the entire cycle of government and donor-funded development projects


Earlier today in Baghdad, Government of Iraq (GoI) officials joined by USAID staff, the USAID-Tarabot project, and MSI celebrated the launch of a system to effectively track the government’s 4000 capital investment projects and significantly speed up the delivery of public services.

The Iraq Development Management System or IDMS is a comprehensive web-based application available in both Arabic and English that manages the entire cycle of government and donor-funded development projects. The system will manage the government’s $25 billion investment budget for the coming year.

In April 2016, the Minister of Planning (MoP) called for its use on all capital investment projects, from schools to roads to bridges.


“We’re extremely honored and pleased to stand side by side with the Ministry of Planning and so many more Ministers and officials to celebrate their newly developed ability to track investment in capital projects,” said Andy Griminger, MSIs Executive Vice President. “Better tracking means faster and more efficient delivery of services by the government for the people. That has been the Iraqi government and USAID’s focus throughout the success of the Tarabot program and we are excited to be a part of that team.”

MSI has worked in partnership with USAID and the GoI for more than a decade to support public procurement reforms, development of capital investment budgets, enhance project management, and improve public services. Twenty-four ministries, governors and provincial leadership have partnered with USAID and MSI on these initiatives.

This assistance has been provided through two successive USAID-funded MSI projects – the Administrative Reform Project, Tarabot, and its predecessor, Tatweer, which began in 2006.

In May 2015, following a historic agreement with MoP, USAID-Tarabot partnered with the American software company Synergy to commission the IDMS.

IDMS is a ‘living’ knowledge base of public spending which monitors, stores and tracks information and allows transactions to be done transparently. Constantly updated, it can isolate a province, a company, a project, or a theme – primary care, for instance – and catalogue all aspects of a project (who, what, where, when, and how).

At its heart it is a performance management tool, designed to provide an overview of projects, with details of budgets, spending patterns, timelines, and efficiency. It will help get public services up and running, repair and replace infrastructure, and boost production in the oil sector.