MSI Launches Project in Jordan to Help Mission Meet Development Goals

MSI was awarded the USAID/Jordan Monitoring and Evaluation Support Project (MESP), helping the mission to improve performance and report on results.

USAID/Jordan’s goal is to improve prosperity, accountability and equality for a stable and democratic Jordan. Its activities focus on a number of areas, including economic development, water and environment, education and health.

Jordan is of great importance to USAID; in recent years it has had a total budget of more than $2.5 billion, making it one of the country’s largest donors. The mission has had a fast-growing presence and is committed to the key principles and practices that foster a results-oriented culture.  This project is helping to strengthen its M&E oversight to align with the latest USAID policies.

The MESP project will provide technical and advisory services to the Program Management Office, Development Objective teams and implementing partners.  Our work will focus on monitoring, evaluation, research, organizational learning and knowledge management to enable the mission to fulfill its performance and evaluation requirements.

Specifically, the project will improve M&E capabilities of mission and partner staff through training and assistance, reviewing and helping to improve indicators and Performance Management Plans (PMPs).  In addition, we will help the mission to analyze and report on results, provide strategic communications, and conduct special studies, assessments, and performance and impact evaluations.

Long-term local capacity building is an important aspect of the work.  We are working with one principal local partner and also contracting a number of other local partners for specific work.

In addition to our work in Jordan, MSI is also a trusted partner to USAID and is currently providing critical M&E assistance to missions in eight countries, including Pakistan, Afghanistan, Colombia, Kenya, Ghana, and Vietnam; and recently finalized its project in Ethiopia. In 2011, our first  USAID M&E project in Pakistan was the largest international development M&E effort in the world. We also implement the MISTI project in Afghanistan, a comprehensive international development project focusing on stabilization programs using best practices to measure the sustainability of development in the country’s complex environment.