Supporting Afghanistan’s High Office of Oversight and Anti-Corruption

MSI provides institutional and technical support to strengthen capacity of Afghanistan’s High
Office of Oversight and Anti-Corruption (HOO).

The project is helping to build a strong and effective institution to lead, monitor and report on efforts to combat corruption in Afghanistan. MSI staff works hand-in-hand with civil society organizations, building their capacity to educate the public about corruption, leveraging the impact of the government’s anti-corruption program, conducting external oversight of government agencies and advocating to keep the fight against corruption high on the government’s agenda.

During the project’s first year, activities were conducted to strengthen the Office’s institutional capacity. MSI supported the HOO in developing a new three-year strategic plan and conducted a human resources assessment that helped to realign the organizational structure.

In support of mandated functions, project team also helped to launch asset registration workshops that will reach all ministries and major government departments in Kabul by December 2011 and initiated close cooperation between the HOO and the Ministry of Finance to promote active bank account verification of asset declarations.

In support of more effective anti-corruption action planning, MSI provided training and technical assistance in the use of business process reengineering tools. The project team helped to standardize complaint management procedures and case tracking efficiencies.

The project is also working to increase dialogue on anti-corruption, particularly among civil society and the media. In the first year, MSI generated dialogue among civil society groups, the mass media, private sector organizations, the HOO and other anti-corruption entities to promote understanding and design better programs. A nationwide public opinion survey was conducted that generated recommendations on how the HOO can improve its public outreach capabilities and improve its regional operations.

The project continues through November 2013.

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