Providing Critical Support to USAID/Pakistan

MSI PAKISTAN (PVT) LTD, as an affiliated company with MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL INC., USA, in Pakistan is providing critical support to USAID/Pakistan which contributes to their ability to make sound development decisions and improve results.

Under the Performance Management Support Contract (PERFORM), a centralized management support contract, MSI provides performance management support to international development programs throughout Pakistan. We also provide data and information to USAID/Pakistan management to improve results through better implementation, design, and learning – enabling it to better target programming and achieve its goals.

Through site visits, activity verification and data quality assessments, we provide performance monitoring support for various development projects throughout the country. We also provide performance and impact evaluations of development projects and activities to support the achievements of the Mission Strategic Framework (MSF).

Our performance management assessments guide programming or refine existing approaches. Assessments relate to data collection on indicators, cross-cutting objectives, and specific sectors or themes.

Finally, we provide learning support services to enhance USAID’s ability to learn and adapt. We focus on the learning agenda, the analysis and use of geospatial data, and strengthening performance management skills through capacity building.

In 2016, we successfully completed a number of assignments, including a gender baseline assessment focused on implementation of USAD’s Gender Equality and Female empowerment Policy, and a GIS Barren Area change study, which demonstrated the use of remote sensing techniques combined with change detection analysis to estimate changes in the environment overtime. We also conducted case studies of the FATA Infrastructure Project (FIP) to determine whether the project improved service delivery, people’s lives, and their confidence in government.