Using Scaling Up Tools to Reach Education Goals

We work with key education donors to incorporate scaling up practices in their program design and management systems.

In 2000, the United Nations and World Bank set education targets for 2015 as part of the Millennium Development Goals and Education for All initiative. It soon became clear that many of these targets would not be met. Given these gaps in education targets we work with donors, governments and local organizations on scaling up education projects.

This inability to meet international education goals is a wake-up call to international education experts and donors who are now moving toward more closely coordinated education interventions and a higher level of scrutiny to measure impact. In addition, education donors and technical experts are looking at ways to scale up effective education interventions into national education systems.

Helping Donors to Scale Successful Education Projects
We work with key education donors to incorporate scaling up practices in their program design and management systems. We guide the scaling up process so that small, successful solutions reach many people. We are helping the thinkers and doers behind small scale innovations in education to have them work equally well when taken to scale.

Creating a Scaling Up Training Course for USAID/Education
We were asked by the USAID Education Office to develop a global training course on the Scaling Up Framework. Entitled Scaling Up for Sustainability, the training walks education officers through the scaling up framework and process. It provides them with education case studies pulled from current USAID education programs. Using these case studies, participants apply some of the scaling up tools in order to increase their ability to use these tools in their daily work.

Guiding a Local NGO and Ministry in Senegal on Scaling Up Best Practices
For the Hewlett Foundation, we are providing technical support and guidance on how to scale up bilingual curriculum in primary schools. With the Senegalese National Ministry of Education, the Hewlett grantee Associates in Research and Education for Development is working with the Ministry to take a piloted bilingual curriculum to national scale. We are conducting workshops with the ministry and grantee to assist this process.

Our Scaling Up Experience
Since 2003, we have been working with McArthur and Packard Foundations to support the scaling up of development pilots, moving them from a trial pilot phase to national scale. Through this hands-on experience, we developed a Scaling Up Framework which draws upon the lessons learned in the scaling up process. In 2012, we published Scaling Up – From Vision to Large-Scale Change – A Management Framework for Practitioners along with a companion Tools and Techniques for Practitioners.