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Bolstering Tolerance and Resilience in Indonesia

Combating attacks on norms of political, social, and religious tolerance

We are helping support the government of Indonesia and civil society to build resilience in society and key institutions to intolerance and violent extremism (VE). Through the USAID-funded HARMONI project we are working to combat the risks to democracy, peace, and security that they pose in numerous ways.

They are being driven by long-term societal changes such as the trend toward greater religiosity, rising inequality, anti-democratic group organizing, and social media. In addition, ideological and political drivers are such as the deterioration of equal treatment in political, social, and economic life.

We will work with communities to build the means, mechanisms, and skills to prevent or mitigate acts of intolerance and VE, and build social cohesion. We will be working at the family, village, secondary school and university levels, as well as working to combat VE through innovative online approaches.

Our efforts will be applied to improving systems that reintegrate formerly radicalized individuals, including those from migrant communities, and their families. With support from civil society, the government will have and utilize comprehensive, tested systems of assessment, remediation, and redress for former terrorists and their families.

As tools and systems are established for communities and key institutions to face these challenges head on, Indonesian society will experience more tolerance and peace.