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Helping Guide USAID/Jordan’s M&E Activities

MSI has provided high-quality technical and advisory services to USAID/Jordan focused on M&E and research, for the last five years, juggling complex, multi-dimensional tasks.

The U.S. Government is one of the largest donors in Jordan. We helped USAID/Jordan to strengthen data use and evidence-based decision-making to improve the availability and quality of performance and evaluation data. We also helped to strengthen monitoring and evaluation capacity through apprenticeships, evaluations, and trainings.

To ensure the sustainability of our work, we have provided more than 3,600 hours of training and successfully trained Mission staff on data quality assessment (DQA) procedures and practices. Other activities:

  • Collaboration, Learning and Adapting: We designed a new, structured collaborative process to strengthen the use of evaluation recommendations and learning support from the evaluation process. The practice that our team implemented was among 10 winners of the 2017 USAID Collaboration, Learning, and Adaptation Global Case Study Competition.
  • Apprenticeship Program: Our team developed a six-month Apprenticeship Program to provide intensive training and mentoring on M&E topics. Thirteen apprentices graduated from the program’s first round with 92 percent placed in jobs within USAID programs.
  • Development Knowledge Management Portal (KaMP): We helped to develop and deploy a data bank for evidence-based results, technical reports and assessments, evaluations, cases, policy documents, maps, and training curricula. An average of more than 1,200 people visit the portal each month.
  • Annual Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) Conference: We helped to develop the annual USAID/Jordan MEL conference and have continued to improve and expand the conference each year.